To participate in this community is necessary to know the following rules:

  1. each participant registers himself and takes part in discussions with his name and surname;
  2. all discussions are moderated. The a priori moderation is used when the user is not registered, in this case before being read they need to be approved whenever they respect the Galateo. The a posteriori moderation is used with registered user,but the discussion can be read before its approval.
  3. in case of non-approval of the discussion, the moderator provides a justification to the sender. The moderation is not a censure but it is a very important tool for correct and civil discussions.

During my participation I declare to respect the following rules:

  1. respect for interlocutors, without bad, offensive and discriminatory talk against religions, people, languages, politic opinions, social conditions and sexual choices;
  2. relevant discussions on specific topics without sending off topic messages and  without making interlocutors and moderators as topic of discussion;
  3. no monopolization of the communication, through respect of maximum daily number of  opened discussions and sent messages that is decided by the administrator.