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This Community was created for the preparation of a degree thesis at the University of Milan in cooperation with ISF Association, RCM Foundation - Milan Community Network and LIC - The Civic Informatics Laboratory .

ISF Association
At the end of 2005 a group of Italian managers working in the information technology sector decided to give an answer to this important message and to use their knowledge to help bridge the digital divide. They founded Informatici Senza Frontiere, a non-profit organization with the objective of using IT knowledge and tools to provide practical help to those who live in a situation of poverty and marginalization. Its mission is to help, through the practical and aware application  of ICT (Information and communication technology) the "vulnerable subjects" to be more free. In pursuing this goal, the Association aims to be a good example  for society, a stimulus for the emergence of new initiatives, a place of exchange and emancipation of individuals who participate in the activities. It identifies reliability, the togetherness, the visibility, the reputation, the continuity and sustainability of current and future projects as the most important results to obtain.
Civic Informatics Laboratory
The Laboratory of Computer Civic (LIC) of the Department of Computer Science and Communication (D.I.Co.) of the University of Milan was opened in 1994 to develop experience and expertise on the social role of the Internet, through projects of electronic communication and the development of tools software to achieve them. Its main focus is the promotion of e-partecipation and e-democracy. It has realized software paltforms that are widely used: DCN (Deliberative Community Network),  JLI! (a Learning Management System to support the educational activities of various computer courses) and Univercity (a software environment for the spread of scientific expertise). Lic collaborates with RCM Foundation and Association for Informatics and Civic Networking of Lombardy (A.I.Re.C.).
RCM Foundation
RCM Foundation-Milano Community Network (FRCM) is a foundation of non-profit partecipation. For years it's dealing with the spread of informatic tools to promote the aware use of computer mediated communication tools and to foster citizens active participation in the Network Society. FRCM works in development of softwares and e-participation tools. It also deals with creating and management of databases, developing of software, authentication procedures for accessing web service web, training in the use of network and ensuring support for teaching and research activities conducted by Università degli Studi di Milano.
The RCM Foundation was born in the Civic Informatics Laboratory (LIC) at the Department of Informatics and Communication (D.I.Co.)of the Università degli Studi di Milano with which it collaborates.
The University of Milan
The University of Milan was founded in 1924. At the present time, the University offers 8 faculties and 2 schools, 136 study courses (divided between 1st and 2nd level degree programmes), 21 doctoral schools (scuole di dottorato) and 71 specialisation schools (scuole di specializzazione). Approximately 65,000 students are enrolled at the University. The teaching staff is composed of 2,170 tenured professors and researchers and approximately 500 adjunct professors.
More than 1,947 people work in the technical and administrative sector. The University of Milan was one of the institutions that helped to found LERU, the League of European Research Universities, and is the only Italian University to be a member of the organisation. Thanks to its commitment to basic and applied research, the University is among the top institutions in the main national and international rankings.
Webforall Association

Webforall is a non-profit promotion association that was founded in December 2011 by a group of well-known web developers. It was created in order to carry out socially useful activities to give benefit to members or third parties to disseminate digital culture and encourage the practice of good web communications in the Third Sector. Webforall is a meeting place for aggregation of interests of computer culture, social media and visual arts. It has several purposes as encourage and spread the interest and use of the web in the Third Sector, promote and spread training activities in collaboration with private and public authority, begin digital initiatives and cultural initiatives for the dissemination of digital culture and the social web, in collaboration with other institutions, associations and schools.