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The mission in question was a mission closing project, in which we have seen what has been done so far and what could be the future.

The hospital in Malindi was selected by the government as a hospital for the pilot testing of two other software: the first accounting / billing for OPD and IPD cash, the second for patient medical record management (such as OH) in wards.

OpenHospital still will be used for the registration of patients and outpatient visits that count to about 100k records for patients and 5k OPD visits per month.

The collaboration with CISP is officially closed. However ISF remains to support Malindi Hospital via his IT Manager in charge Jerry Musau for the integration of OH with the other two software.

It also ends the contract with Kenneth but are not excluded future collaborations.


Final Report for Dr. Morris Buni (Medical Superintendant) 
Final Report from Kenneht Mutwiri Mugambi (OpenHospital expert)

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