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Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH)

The JiVitA project of JHU is a Maternal and Child Health research initiative targeted towards identifying effective and low-cost nutrition interventions to improve health and survival of mothers, infants and children. Currently the project requires a mobile solution that will assist the fieldworkers and JiVitA personnel to automatically generate weekly visit schedules. The fieldworkers include Field Interviewer (FI), Team Leader (TL), Area Coordinator (AC), Nutrition Counselor (NC) and Quality Controller (QC). Project Management Personnel of JiVitA also expects to track and monitor the progress of fieldworkers through this solution (e.g. view today’s completed visits versus incomplete visits). Each interaction with a study participant follows a detailed set of ‘logic’ scheduling rules, which are based on events (e.g. birth, missed menses, pregnancy outcome) to schedule visits or follow-up assessments at specific time intervals following that event.

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